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Carpet paternoster TPL with cutting system TSM S50

In this video you can learn about the use of our cutting machine TSM S50. Other cutting machines, slitting and also with additional features can be found here.


Paternoster lighting - place your goods in the right light.

Light catches attention, increases confidence, creates atmosphere, provides security.


Paternoster lighting in DIY-store

Product supports

Trolleys: Perfect for loading and unloading and on-site transport of rolls.

Trolley for rolled goods

Straps: Fast and reliable backup and closing of the rolls, even for composite film rolls.

Straps for rolled goods

Cutting machine: Robust HOOGS round knife machine. Easy handling, high power, long life expectancy.

Cutting machine with round knife

Carpet pins: For closing of rolls of carpet. The dangerous vertical standing in unused condition is prevented by the security head.

Carpet pins for more safety

Register board: Overview in warehouse and sales logistics.

Register board for warehouses

Cutting edge: Available in 2, 4 and 5 meter in length.

Cutting edge in different length