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The IKA in action






Description of modules


On the control panel the parameters for cross cutting, longitudinal cutting, cardboard core yes / no, wrap yes / no, pack length of foil packaging, choice of film width,  automatic winding on are entered.









The stock table (top tray level) can be filled automatically or by forklift. Maximum capacity magazine is magazine length X + 1 roll.











By pressing a button the compensator passes the rolled goods to the dump and unwinding device. If desired, the unwinding direction is determined.










The unwinding device rolls off the goods and leads them to the conveyor belts. From here it will be automatically led to the cutting and measuring edge. At the same time, the goods will be aligned for cutting and stopped by sensor control. The conveyor belts start and then stop at the programmed dimensions.










A further press to a button and the cross cutter separates the goods at the desired length from the roll.












With the automatic return path under the storage table the rest roll gets lead away from the cutting line.














With the movement of the transport section the lengthwise cutter cuts the given values. Last visual check of the measure by comparing target and actual values ​​on the display of the control console.














On the control area the product can be checked. If required, the rotating finger brings the cut products in a position with which packaging material can be saved.












Meanwhile, if necessary, a cardboard tube is removed from the magazine and placed on the winding station.












From the film magazine the film width is automatically selected and assembled with adhesive tape.













The packaging unit pulls the wanted film out and automatically separates the necessary length and places it ready.















By pressing a button the cuttings are rolled up and the packaging film on roll end fed automatically. The rolle longitudinally sealed. The shipping codes can be glued.










The dispatch packaged roll tilts of the winding, rolling into the lift unit and is weighed. The result can be printed automatically. The unit passes to the loading ramp moving horizontally across the distributor carriage.












The distribution station can, according to your programming from the command console, sort on quality, delivery or forwarding destination and puts the roll into distribution vehicles.








The supply to the distribution cart at the loading ramp is stopped automatically when a certain security level is reached and signals to the control console. The charged cars arccording to their dimension are moved either manually or coupled to tractors. We do offer various models. Depending on your needs.
















Optional return path instead of lifting unit and distribution sledge.


Modules Industrial-Commissioning-System